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CAFG Welcomes Taiber Kosmala to our Team

| November 08, 2019

I am pleased to welcome Taiber Kosmala & Associates (TKA) to our CAFG Wealth Management resource team. TKA is an independent investment consulting firm. They provide institutional and wealth management clients such as CAFG with unbiased, real-time investment research and market analysis. They have extensive experience evaluating investment alternatives on the ever-changing and complex investment landscape. TKA also offers CAFG a depth of knowledge and analytical horsepower that will provide insight and shine a light on opportunities that might otherwise be missed. A key factor in our decision to select TKA to be part of our team is that our investment philosophies are in sync. We share a focus on fundamentals that rely on facts over emotional reactions and not confusing activity with progress.

Similar to the value added services already in place at CAFG, Taiber Kosmala & Associates will be an extension of the overall team of resources we use to coordinate our clients’ financial plans such as legal, tax, risk management, estate planning and career coaching services. TKA’s services will be transparent to our clients, but please know that they will be working with CAFG behind the scenes to provide our clients with high quality, rigorously researched investment decisions included as part of the overall execution of our clients’ financial planning and wealth management objectives.

On behalf of the entire CAFG team, thank you for the trust and confidence you have put in CAFG Wealth Management.