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We provide sophisticated financial planning and investment solutions for people facing major life transitions.

Our focus is to reduce as much financial uncertainty as possible for you by creating a sound, lifetime financial plan, that supports the accumulation, protection and distribution of your wealth.


Our Process

Since life is ever-changing, our proprietary approach seeks to reflect all of your priorities and life circumstances. This unique client/advisor relationshiop is a key ingredient in the development of a successful financial plan.


Why Do Our Clients Choose CAFG Wealth Management?

We have a trusted working relationship with each of our clients, some for over 30 years.

Our business is built on personal, customized services for those who value a personal relationship with their trusted advisor as much as we do.

We coordinate a team of tax specialists, estate planning attorneys, investment advisors and insurance specialist to create, implement and monitor our client’s Wealth Management Plan.

In the end, our clients select and stay with us because they feel comfortable in the relationship, feel as if they are an integral part of the team looking after their financial goals, and are happy with the lifetime of financial guidance we provide them.

The CAFG Perspective

Meant to be brief and a quick read, the CAFG Perspective is designed to provide you with our thoughts regarding what is currently happening in the world and how it relates to you.