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Our Partners

Our Partners

CAFG Private Wealth is an independent, privately owned, fee-based financial planning and investment advisory firm. As an independent firm, we have built a team of professional resources to provide specialized knowledge and skill when needed. By coordinating specific expertise in this way, we provide the objective, personalized solutions our clients need to achieve their goal of accumulation, protection and distribution of their wealth.

Taiber Kosmala is a trusted member of the CAFG Private Wealth's Investment Committee and research staff. Our dedicated team, led by Phil Kosmala provides CAFG with the following:

  • A rigorous process for investment manager and investment product due diligence: TKA conducts hundreds of face to face investment manager meeting around the globe on an annual basis.
  • Comprehensive capital markets intelligence to assist CAFG's Investment Committee in the creation and rebalancing of the CAFG Core and Tactical Portfolio Models.
  • Access to customized solutions including private and alternative investments.

We have partnered with Charles Schwab Institutional to act as the primary custodian for our client accounts. Services to CAFG Private Wealth include:

  • The custody of client funds and securities
  • The execution, clearance and settlement of security transactions
  • Preparation and delivery of periodic account and transaction confirmation statements
  • Operation and Technology support.

Resource Coordination

Additional resources needed in servicing our client’s could be an attorney, accountant/tax specialist, mortgage broker, realtor, or insurance specialist. The team we have in place has been selected to partner with us because of their leadership in their respective fields and to help us complete a specific step in the achievement of your objectives. We have chosen them because they are consistent with our philosophy regarding attention to the details of your personal situation. If you already have a professional resource in place, we will continue our plan coordination on your behalf by taking the lead on all action plan items.

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